For New Patients

As a new patient, you can expect your consultation to be between 60-90 min. In preparation for this appointment, kindly establish a secure account with the patient portal. A detailed new patient questionnaire and other intake forms will be made available to you. We request that all these forms be completed, signed and uploaded into the portal prior to your appointment. Please also upload any recent imaging (MRI or CT scan of head and neck or lab results) into the portal or bring them with you to the appointment. This will allow for a more productive and timely consult between you and your doctor.

Please bring a valid photo ID and a valid insurance card at the time of your appointment.

You will be expected to pay any co-pays prior to your appointment. 

Parking available for patients coming to the clinic.

For Established Patients

As an established patient, prior to your appointment, you are requested to update Bellevue Headache Clinic with: 

  1. Any change in insurance information
  2. Any change in email, contact number or home address
  3. Any change in your preferred pharmacy
  4. A completed headache diary 
  5. Follow-up forms which will be emailed to you.


All outstanding balances are due at time of appointment or within 60 days of initial billing, whichever comes first. You may also pay your balance on our website.

Medical Emergency Protocol

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or other urgent health condition, call emergency services (911) immediately. Do not rely on any electronic messages, voicemail, or any other communication through Bellevue Headache Clinic’s website. Such communications are not configured or intended to facilitate patient care in urgent or emergency situations. Bellevue Headache Clinic will attempt to respond within 24 hours to voicemails. It may take us up to 72 hours to authorize prescription refills and return portal email queries.

“The first time I saw Dr. Issa I had been experiencing a headache 24/7 for 10 months. She has since helped me to better manage my pain and through the 8 months I’ve known her she has never stopped trying to find the root-cause and get me back to pain-free.

If you’re struggling with persistent headaches Dr. Issa is going to be the one to give you hope that there’s a solution out there for you.”

— H.S.

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